Reparenting 101!

Loving yourself made easier ^.^

Everyone wants happiness and fulfilling relationships with their loved ones. We found a way to manage relationships with less stress, more intimacy, and significantly more pleasurable experiences with conversation, companionship, and relationship power balance. End dysfunctional relationship patterns. Break through the barriers to fulfillment and build companionship skills.

Make better friends and build happier relationships with less stress, more intimacy, and more fun!

Make friends in a safe, online environment and learn the basics of communication, validation, and trust building.

Grow to the next step of your personal evolution with this step-by-step, social engineering training system.

Get in touch with, and learn how to present, yourself authentically in social situations.
* Set your sexuality free through Tantric exploration.
* Develop unique talents and skills as source of stable self-esteem.
* Easily and accurately type your company for smooth, social experiences.
* Gain fluency around the topics of Men, Women, and Sexual Intimacy.

* Plan, arrange, and successfully engage at social events.
* Achieve a flawless atmosphere with party, event, and social grooming.
* Set exciting relationship goals and fulfill them!
* Set your own path towards consistent, reliable personal growth and evolution

Section 1: Psychology and The Self

In This Section:

Chapter 1): Who are you? Identifying the Self

Chapter 2): Identifying and Clearing Dysfunction

Chapter 3): Deconstructing and Clearing Verbal Abuse

Chapter 4): Stereotypes, Diversity, & Relating to Others

Chapter 5): Tantra 101: Exploring the Senses

Chapter 6): Ethical Non-Violence and Companionship

Chapter 7): Conflict, Compromise, and Conclusion

Chapter 8): Motivation to Action

Chapter 9): Skill Building

Your Instructor

Tamara Mays-Sheeley
Tamara Mays-Sheeley

Author of The Truen Solution: Change your Life with Love

Certified Master Life Coach

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